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Commercial Upright Bikes Granite City, IL

Commercial upright bikes in Granite City, IL, have been the cornerstone stationary bicycle in fitness centers across the nation for many years. You can see why! Their design provides low-impact and comfortable cardio exercise without sacrificing the full-body workout to the major muscles. Both fitness enthusiasts and novices alike love them, making them an ideal staple in any recreation center, fitness facility, or gym.

At Foremost Fitness, we specialize in providing upright bikes to businesses in Iowa, Kansas, South Dakota, Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, North Dakota, and the surrounding areas. Speak with one of our fitness equipment experts to find out more about our financing options or to get info on our comprehensive catalog of fitness equipment options.

If you would like to purchase commercial upright bikes in Granite City, IL, please contact us or call 314-704-9768 to place your order.

Features of our Upright Bikes | Premium Commercial Upright Bikes Granite City

With a plethora of fitness machines available on the market right now, there may be a lot on the line when choosing the right equipment for your facility. You need an array of options to keep customers coming back and happy— and upright bikes are the perfect addition to meet their fitness goals!

As the name suggests, upright bicycles allow riders to sit in the conventional upright position, which means they can engage both the core and lower-body muscles at once. They have smaller seats, no backrest, and the pedals remain under the user instead of in the front like with recumbent exercise bikes. Because weight is evenly distributed among the saddle, handlebars, and pedals, the machine can remain stable no matter how energetically the user trains. Also, by taking most of the body weight off of the knees and joints, the obese and elderly can use them safely. It is an all-around versatile experience for any rider!

At Foremost Fitness, we hand-select only the best commercial upright bikes to represent our name brand both locally in Granite City and nationally. Power Systems, Legend Fitness, Technogym, and True Fitness are just a few of the top brands we offer with each one having many great benefits. The most common features of our upright bikes include:

  • Reinforced pedals underneath the rider
  • Adjustable handlebars and seat positioning options
  • Durable foundations
  • Front display consoles
  • More compact design means space-saving when compared to other stationary bikes
  • Water bottle holders
  • High weight capacity
  • Safer operation
  • Plus many accessories to choose from!

Upright bikes in Granite City are exercise machines that allow the user to choose from many different riding positions that work the back, glutes, thighs, hips, and abs. In short, by engaging more muscles, the rider can burn more calories.

Browse our catalog of fitness equipment brands or contact us now for more information on the high-quality products that are available at Foremost Fitness.

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We pride ourselves in researching and selecting only the best brands in fitness equipment in the country. But in addition to this, we’re also eager to help business owners plan state-of-the-art facilities— whether that is for hospitals, universities, colleges, gyms, motels, hotels, corporate fitness centers, or any other types of fitness facilities.

From facility planning and design to supplying you with the best commercial equipment to outfit your brand new facility, our experts can be there each step of the way to ensure your customers keep coming back.

Schedule a free consultation with our commercial fitness equipment company in Granite City, IL! To purchase commercial upright bikes in Granite City or to learn more about all of our excellent services, contact Foremost Fitness or call 314-704-9768.

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