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If you need the best commercial treadmills, Foremost Fitness has a vast selection of workout equipment available from the biggest brands in the commercial fitness industry.

Foremost Fitness is committed to providing the best commercial treadmills in St. Louis and knows better than anyone that not every fitness facility wants the same characteristics in their fitness equipment. Foremost Fitness' specialists will help you create personal goals for your gym and figure out the best products to suit your needs.

When you need the best commercial treadmills, and want to know how Foremost Fitness can assist you in planning a dynamic fitness center, call 314-704-9768 to schedule a free consultation with our commercial fitness equipment specialists.

Types of Commercial Treadmills

Commercial treadmills offer the best cardio workout. There are many different models of commercial treadmills for you to display in your fitness facility, but it can be difficult to figure out which is the best fit for your fitness center's wants and needs. The primary types of treadmills include:

  • Manual - manual treadmills are excellent for working your lower body, particularly when walking, and allow you to get an extreme cardio workout at low speeds
  • Electric - electric treadmills help you push yourself to the limit, and are great for running, offering higher speeds and other features such as adjustable inclines, calorie-burning monitors, time trackers, and more
  • Hybrid - if you are looking for the ultimate cardio workout, there are a variety of hybrid commercial treadmills in St. Louis that combine the challenge of a manual treadmill with the modern design and quality features of electric treadmills

If you are in need of quality commercial fitness equipment, in particular, commercial treadmills, our specialists can help. Our job is to surpass your expectations and help you get the fitness center you've always wanted.

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With over 25 years of experience in the commercial fitness equipment industry, featuring the best brands and products, including commercial treadmills, Foremost Fitness is dedicated to helping you plan the fitness center of your dreams. Our specialists can help you during every stage, from planning your fitness center to choosing the best equipment. We want you to be proud of your fitness center and are here to make sure that you have access to all of the commercial fitness equipment services you need to make your gym successful. If you want to learn about our fitness facility planning and design services, or need more information on the commercial equipment we offer, call 314-704-9768 or get in touch with our specialists today to schedule a free consultation.

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